One of our favourite exhibition to date is our Joseph Banks exhibition at Browne’s Hospital, which saw hundreds of visitors in September 2019 as part of the Stamford Georgian Festival.

The exhibition was designed around the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook and his crew – among them the Lincolnshire botanist Joseph Banks – becoming the first Europeans to set foot on the eastern coast of Australia. Joseph Banks’ botanical discoveries along the circumnavigation – some 1,300 previously unknown botanical species – revolutionised European understanding of natural history. We were proud to show prints from his Florilegium, planned in detail during his lifetime but not printed in full (and moreover in gorgeous colour) until the 1980s.

Here are a few impressions from Browne’s Hospital and the exhibition:

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If you missed the exhibition or would like to revisit it, its online version and other resources on Joseph Banks remain available on our website: Joseph Banks at T&F