The Wren Digital Library at Trinity College Cambridge is one of the pioneering projects making the remarkable collections of the College Library freely accessible to everyone. The remarkable collection of alchemical manuscripts at Trinity – unarguably the most remarkable of its kind in Cambridge – is in the process of being added to the digital collections at the moment, and we were very happy to hear that the accompanying catalogue entries will incorporate information from Dr Anke Timmermann’s (Type & Forme) Catalogue of Alchemical Manuscripts in Cambridge!

David Loggan, Cantabrigia Illustrata‚Ķ (1675)
Trinity College Cambridge
X.18.2, plate 25 (detail)

As part of Trinity College’s endeavours to make their collections more widely visible, Anke was asked to write for the Library’s blog on a subject related to alchemy and the College’s manuscripts. The result, entitled ‘Alchemy at Trinity: Newton and the Library’, outlines the presence of alchemy at Trinity College from the early modern period to today, and ends with the mystery of Newton’s own alchemical manuscripts.

Read the full blog post here:
Alchemy at Trinity: Newton and the Library