…my daily pay could be taken in kind, I would usually leave each day with an overflowing bag of books and a handful of pennies…

Type & Forme’s Mark James FLS on his schoolboy holiday job at a bookshop

[Once] I immersed myself in the wider world of rare books, I found it too fascinating not to become involved…

Dr Anke Timmermann FLS, Type & Forme

Where did the current generation of rare booksellers come from? The Antiques Trade Gazette reached out to five booksellers to find out more about ‘The Next Generation‘. We very much enjoyed talking about our origins, influences, and future directions.

We also talked about some of our recent activities – for example, we advised the descendants of Charles Darwin’s granddaughter, Margaret Darwin, on her autograph collection, which includes the pictured cartoon of ‘St Darwin’. This collection has now joined the world-leading Darwin holdings at Cambridge University Library under the Acceptance in Lieu scheme.

Illustrated letter from T.H. Huxley to Charles Darwin, 28 July 1868, with a drawing of a figure worshipping at the foot of Darwin in the form of a saint.

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