‘Type & Forme’, our company name, combines two terms from the world of letterpress printing, which was the primary printing technique from Gutenberg to the nineteenth century. Letterpress printing uses the repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface onto sheets of dampened paper to produce multiple copies of a text, for anything from broadsides to multivolume books. For this purpose, the type  (individual letters typically cast in metal in reverse) is arranged and secured in a chase (frame) to create a body of type – the forme.

Photograph courtesy of Dr Elizabeth Savage

At Type & Forme we are passionate about the manifestations of ideas in physical objects. Our descriptions reveal the history of a book or manuscript as an object on one hand, and of the individuals who collaborated to produce it on the other. We place particular emphasis on provenance research, and work with archives and collections as historically formed bodies of knowledge. Our aim is to place objects made with the knowledge of the past into collections that are built for the future, both institutional and private.