In 2019 Magdalen College Oxford received the papers of the British archaeologist, intelligence officer and author David George Hogarth (1862-1927) as a gift from his descendants. To mark the acquisition of this important archive the College organised a conference featuring experts on Hogarth and Middle Eastern history as well as Professor Caroline Barron (Hogarth’s granddaughter). It was a remarkable celebration of Hogarth’s life, work, and his role in history.

Type & Forme assisted with the acquisition, and Mark James spoke at the conference about his first impressions of the Hogarth papers and the ways in which they naturally, and usefully, complement the College’s other significant holdings on the Middle East, first and foremost the research library of Jeremy Wilson and associated materials on T.E. Lawrence.

The full recording of the conference is now available! Please scroll down for the schedule and further information.


(for a web version click here)

  • 1015 Housekeeping / Charlotte Berry, Magdalen College Archive
  • 1020 Welcome address / Dinah Rose, President, Magdalen

Session One

  • 1030 Cataloguing the Hogarth Papers / Ben Taylor, Magdalen College Archive
  • 1100 First impressions of the Hogarth Papers / Mark James
  • 1130 Questions
  • 1145 Break

Session Two

  • 1200 Hogarth before Magdalen: his childhood and background / Caroline Barron
  • 1230 Questions
  • 1300 Lunch

Session Three

  • 1400 Father confessor: what the Hogarth letters reveal about his relationship with T E Lawrence / Adam Fraser
  • 1430 The uncrowned king and the desert queen: selections from the T E Lawrence and Gertrude Bell letters in the Hogarth collection/ Lorraine Tinsley
  • 1500 Questions
  • 1515 Break

Session Four

  • 1530 David Hogarth in Crete: archaeology and politics and the Aegean “Promised Land”, Antonis Kotsonas
  • 1600 D G Hogarth at the Arab Bureau / Bruce Westrate
  • 1640 Questions
  • 1700 Thanks /John Nightingale, Magdalen College

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The full catalogue of the Hogarth Papers at Magdalen College is available here, and progress on Magdalen College’s work on the Wilson Papers (research papers of T.E. Lawrence’s official biographer Jeremy Wilson) can be followed here.